Monday, November 21, 2011

Research Practice - Media's Influence on Teen Pregnancy

"Second, boys are obsessed with sex and sexual performance, and, third,  girls are responsible for teen pregnancy, contraception, and STD prevention" (Hust & Brown, 2008, p.14).

Hust, S., & Brown, J. (2008). Boys will be boys and girls better be prepared: An analysis of the rare sexual health messages in young adolescents' media. Mass Communication & Society, 11(3), 1-22.

For my research paper, I thought it would be interesting to study media's influence on teen pregnancy, and whether it is a positive or negative influence. I think this article will add an interesting point of view to my paper as it looks at teen pregnancy as something the girl needs to control and worry about, where the boy is left to have fun. I believe it will be a pretty solid source as it is coming from an academic peer reviewed journal. I feel that I might use this article to help contradict myself in my paper, to help me from building a straw man fallacy. It could help me strengthen my points by providing points from an opposing view point, as I feel that media has a positive influence on teen pregnancy.

"The likelihood of getting pregnant, or getting someone else pregnant, increased steadily with the amount of sexual content they watched on TV" (Anonymous, 2008, p. 4).

Anonymous. (2008). Studies: Link between sexual media content and pregnancy, hostility. Media Report to Women, 36(4), 3-4.

This article is a bit more sketchy to me. I think it will still provide good information as it implies on page four that teen pregnancy increases with amount of sexual media being watched. The reason I am apprehensive about this article is because there is no author mentioned. This article actually does contain actual information about the research (like who was involved), which does help increase the validity a little bit. I can use this article to help me determine whether media has a positive or negative influence on teen pregnancy as through the research it helps give a clearer answer.

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